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Become a sponsor to Bodo Tasche

Bodo Tasche

Berlin, Germany

Thanks for considering to sponsor me! I am the creator of, a german sign language dictionary and a couple of smaller open source projects.

Running the video hosting for SignDict is a bit costly. Every euro you donate will help me cover those costs.


Featured work

  1. signdict/website

    A sign language dictionary

    Elixir 69
  2. bitboxer/manpages

    Gem to add man pages support to ruby gems

    Ruby 39
  3. bitboxer/talks

    I love to speak at conferences and usergroups. Here is a list of slides for the talks I did in the past.

  4. bitboxer/keyboard

    My keyboard is the most important input device for me. And here I store all infos about how I customized it.

  5. bitboxer/voebb-ical

    Create an ical feed for your berlin library account

    HTML 1
  6. bitboxer/jsx-no-react

    Use React's JSX without React easily

    JavaScript 28

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Thanks for helping me out! Every dollar counts.

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No, i don't drink Coffee. I will use this to pay the servers 🥰