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Feel free to donate to/sponsor my projects if you like them or use them for some reason. However don't feel any need to donate.

What it will be used for

The proceeds will mainly be used for server costs, domain costs, etc.

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Aaaaah *explodes into cloud of cats*


Featured work

  1. bitcynth/ipirc

    IP over IRC (pls no abuse)

    Go 14
  2. bitcynth/whois-v2 V2

    Python 12
  3. bitcynth/please

    Please don't take me too seriously

    C 6
  4. bitcynth/winmobile-whois

    This is amazing :3

    C# 4

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My eternal gratitude, the main thing you can get from me :)

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Many meows! 🎉

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You are very generous, please contact me via Twitter @bitcynth so I can thank you :)

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UwU UwU 🐈

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Magic human

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Please don't give this much unless you are jeff bezos or smth

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