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Support Tiled Development

Your support enables me to spend more time on Tiled, a flexible level editor for games. There are a lot of exciting new features planned and I also like to stay responsive to any new requests, bug reports or simply questions about how to use it. In the future I also hope to start on new exciting projects.

Are you a game developer and would you like to focus on your game rather than spending a lot of time on your tools? Check out Tiled and consider supporting its further development if you like it!

Alternative Ways to Donate

You could choose to sponsor on Patreon or Liberapay (anonymous) instead, or you can do a one-time donation by purchasing Tiled on The Tiled website provides an estimate of my total monthly income.

Currently GitHub Sponsors is the most effective way to support my work, since it does not charge any fees and even covers the payment processing fees.

Note to Potential Sponsors from the EU
GitHub Sponsors does not currently charge EU VAT on your sponsorship. If you want to receive a service in return, like the website banner or priority support, please sponsor me through Patreon instead, which does charge VAT.

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Featured work

  1. mapeditor/tiled

    Flexible level editor

  2. mapeditor/tiled-extensions

    A repository with Tiled extensions

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Tiled Fan 🎈

Get a badge to show off your appreciation, as well as a special role on the Tiled Discord server! Your support allows me to keep on optimizing, fixing and improving Tiled, as well as to provide support for user like you!

$20 a month


Tiled Booster 🚀

Your generous support contributes a great deal towards the time I can spend on Tiled!

In addition to the above rewards, I'll spend at least one hour looking into any issue you comment on each month, either to resolve it or to make progress towards that goal. Let's get that ball rolling!

$100 a month


Big Sponsor 💰

You can either show your banner on the Tiled website or comment on any two issues each month and I will spend at least 4 hours in total working towards resolving them!

$200 a month


Roadmap Writer 🪐

I will spend at least one full day each month working on the issues that are most important for your project, let me know with a comment or in private! This tier can also be used to pay for a banner.

$1,000 a month


Tiled Employer 🏢

Does your company depend on Tiled for editing the content of your worlds? Hire a part of me and it'll be like having me on your team! You can count on me whenever you need to get something done related to Tiled. You'll also get special recognition on the Tiled website!