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👋🏼 Hey y'all! I'm a web platform engineer living and working in Austin, Texas.

I enjoy what I do so much that I spend my free time working on open source projects to help myself and other developers! Most of my work centers around javascript and typescript projects for react or node. I also produce videos on YouTube and stream on Twitch to teach other developers.

By becoming a sponsor, it will greatly encourage me to continue to invest time into open source work. Your sponsorship will ensure support for any projects of mine that you enjoy, and allow for more streams and videos to educate and entertain you. The funds will go towards software and hardware to directly improve the quality and consistency of my projects.

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Featured work

  1. bradgarropy/hue-sdk

    💡 philips hue sdk

    TypeScript 39
  2. bradgarropy/use-countdown

    useCountdown hook

    TypeScript 64
  3. bradgarropy/labman-cli

    👨🏼‍🔬 github label manager cli

    JavaScript 15
  4. bradgarropy/business-card

    🃏 npx business card

    JavaScript 14
  5. bradgarropy/gatsby-plugin-seo

    🔎 gatsby-plugin-seo


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