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Hi! I'm an open source hardware hacker, and an activist for digital rights and freedoms.

My work is primarily funded by the goodwill of the community, through donations, pledges and private contracts. Here are some of my community projects:

  • NeTV2, an open source video platform which is a basis of the lawsuit against the US government to challenge section 1201 of the DMCA.
  • Betrusted, an open source mobile communications device that aims to keep your private matters safe from advanced threats. It is designed for easy verification of correct construction and transparency.
  • Xous, the Rust-based microkernel message passing OS that powers Betrusted.
  • IRIS, or Infra-Red, in-situ inspection of silicon, a project to facilitate the non-destructive verification of silicon chips. IRIS has many components, including a custom microscope, image stitching software, and layout analysis software.

Some of my other current and past open source hardware projects include Chibitronics, Novena, Chumby, The Cubegarden, and the Safecast Geiger Counter Reference Design.

I'm also the author of The Hardware Hacker, Hacking the Xbox (now free to download), and The Essential Guide to Electronics in Shenzhen, and I occasionally post smaller essays on my blog.

If you want to put a face behind the code, you can see me talk about:

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Featured work

  1. bunnie/netv-fpga

    verilog FPGA code for NeTV

  2. bunnie/chibios-orchard

    A port of ChibiOS to the Orchard radio platform

  3. bunnie/iqmotor-c

    Posix C framework for controlling IQ motors

  4. bunnie/netv2-fpga-basic-overlay

    Vivado design for basic NeTV2 FPGA with chroma-based overlay

    VHDL 20
  5. bunnie/netv2-soc

    NeTV2 SoC based on LiteX

  6. bunnie/libmaple

    C and C++ library for STM32 ARM Cortex-M3 development boards.

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Send me a cup of coffee every month. Help keep me wired, so I can lay out more wires for you!

$8 a month


Help me keep my lab stocked with basics like solder, fasteners, and wire. I go through these like ̵w̵a̵t̵e̵r̵ coffee when prototyping a new design!

$32 a month


Getting production ready means building several copies of a prototype and discovering all the ways it can fail, so you don't have to. The more samples I can build and iterate, the more robust the final product tends to be. Help me push to production by buying more Raspberry Pis, memory cards and FPGAs!

$256 a month


Send me 8 bits of good karma, and once every month you can ask me a technical question via email and I'll do my best to answer it. If you're designing a circuit, starting a company, or reverse engineering a product, I'll try my best to advise.

$512 a month


One more bit of good karma, and once a month we can do the same as above, but through a one-hour video call.

$2,048 a month


Get your logo or name featured on my website, plus priority tech support on any of my open source projects.

$4,096 a month


Light up my life, and I'll light up yours. In addition to the $2048-tier benefits, tell me what inspires you, and over the course of each sponsored year I will express my thanks by building you a bespoke light sculpture. Choose if you want to hang this in a lobby, place it on a coffee table, stand it on the floor, or display it on a wall, and I will blend art and technology to deliver a truly unique experience.