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Hey, I'm Burrito 🌯

I'm a student software developer and VR enthusiast that enjoys helping others and creating tools for people on the internet. You may have heard of some of my previous projects, including:

  • Gorilla Tag Modding Guide - The one stop shop to get up and running with mods in the VR game Gorilla Tag, with ~2k visits every week!
  • Domino's App feat. Hatsune Miku - Working with Nick Robinson and Brickstiny, I helped assist with dumping a lost app for preservation.
  • WiiLink - WiiLink is a project to revive Japanese Wii channels on the Wii. I helped to write an initial tool for batch converting video files into Nintendo's proprietary format used in their services.

I also chat a ton in Discord communities, most notably the Beat Saber Modding Group where I'm a moderator/support and usually help people with Quest Beat Saber modding questions. Virtual reality is a big part of what I enjoy doing right now 🥽

Supporting me will help me to purchase things I may need for projects, eat out, or just simply save up for something much faster. In return, you'll get my thanks, a warm feeling, and maybe some cool rewards! Win-win from all angles (and I'm using GitHub sponsors so Patreon doesn't take a cut) 🎉

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Reaching this goal means I can have the ability to spin up a personal server, or purchase whatever doodads I need like dongles or software so I can get my work done faster or simply just eat or save it 🥳

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Featured work

  1. burritosoftware/GorillaTag-Modding-Guide

    Get up and running with modifications to Gorilla Tag to enhance your experience. Reject humanity, return to monke.

    HTML 12
  2. burritosoftware/MSRewardsExtensionCleaner

    Cleans the Microsoft Rewards extension for Chrome to remove notifications, extension list tracking, and default search/newtab to Bing.

    Batchfile 2

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  • Special role on my Discord server, where there's a chat room and a VC, so I may stream and ping if you'd just like to chat about whatever (or play Beat Saber) ⚔️
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