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I contribute to GNU Emacs by maintaining Org-mode.

I also contribute to other Free Software projects.

147 sponsors are funding bzg’s work.


Secure 1 hour per day of work on org-mode and my other Free Software projects.


Featured work

  1. bzg/emacs-training

    Emacs training

    Emacs Lisp 85
  2. bzg/org-mode

    This is a MIRROR only, do not send PR.

    Emacs Lisp 290
  3. bzg/dotemacs

    My .emacs.el file.

    Emacs Lisp 78
  4. bzg/opensource-challenges

    A list of resources to think about free software and open source challenges

  5. bzg/logiciel-libre-esr

    Ressources autour du logiciel libre dans l'enseignement supérieur et la recherche

  6. bzg/jecode

    JavaScript 15

73% towards 200 sponsors goal

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$1 a month


As the saying goes, one coffee per month keeps the Emacs doctor away.

$5 a month


Five dollars a month is already a lot, you are basically contributing to the server costs and the time spent doing various maintainance tasks.

$10 a month


Wow, that's a strong support. It will probably help me buy a computer one day!

$20 a month


What can I say? It seems you are using Org-mode a lot, or really want me to buy a new computer.

$50 a month


You are compensating the monthly insurance costs for my daughter. She says thanks and I do too!

Oh and please go ahead with a private email if you need a hand about Org-mode.

$100 a month


Be the first to click on this button! I dare you!

And please go ahead with special requests about Org, I'll try to honor them, especially if you are a company willing to boost your employees productivity.