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I've been developing fully open source software (FOSS) for years. The estimated value of my ongoing unpaid work is ~$500/month. For example, I single-handedly maintain tqdm, a world top-20 Python package valued at ~$65k. If you program in Python you've probably used it. I also summarise interesting articles at So far I've only raised-amount in one-off donations in addition to GitHub sponsors. Thanks to the awesome community, I haven't given up yet.

See my profile casperdcl-badge for much more!

If that's not enough motivation: if you sponsor me for $1/month, I will set aside $5/month1 to sponsor others. Yes, your appreciation will be magnified fivefold.

FAQ: I'm a sponsor but not receiving your Jan & July updates

  1. formerly $10/month until March 2023 thanks to @iterative


Reaching this goal will mean that around 0.05% of people who starred my work also pay for it. I will also be spending $75/month sponsoring others.

Current sponsors 6

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Past sponsors 18

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Featured work

  1. tqdm/tqdm

    A Fast, Extensible Progress Bar for Python and CLI

    Python 24,899
  2. casperdcl/git-fame

    Pretty-print `git` repository collaborators sorted by contributions.

    Python 476
  3. casperdcl/argopt

    convert docopt to argparse

    Python 16
  4. iterative/shtab

    ↔️ Automagic shell tab completion for Python CLI applications

    Python 260
  5. tmux-plugins/tmux-cpu

    Plug and play cpu percentage and icon indicator for Tmux.

    Shell 346
  6. AMYPAD/CuVec

    Unifying Python/C++/CUDA memory: Python buffered array ↔️ `std::vector` ↔️ CUDA managed memory

    Python 77

40% towards 15 monthly sponsors goal

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❤️ Let me know that you care.

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💸 I will give $10/month to other deserving developers.

📬 Twice a year (January & July), I'll send you a succinct update of the FOSS projects your support has helped me work on.

$5 a month


☝️ All of the above, plus:

I will action your article requests for within 3 days.

🔋 Fund some sugary beverages so that I have energy to fix more open source issues!

$11 a month


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🔨 Guilt-trip me into fixing your issues.

💰 You'll also be making up for the additional $10/month I'll be giving to others.

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💵 Actually pay me some money (I'll only be giving away half of what you give me).