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Casper Beyer

Covid Lockdown

Hello friends, I'm Casper!

Currently I'm pouring my time and energy into Deno.
And yes, you can absolutely bribe me to implement or fix things (as long as what you want implemented or fixed is somewhat reasonable).

I've written things such as:

  • The test command, test runner and harness runner with support for documentation tests.
  • The coverage command, coverage collector and reporters.
  • The repl command, an interactive read-eval-print-loop with support for top level async/await.
  • A bunch of system call bindings.
  • I've only broken CI like twice.
  • I've only shipped like one broken release in over a year.
  • Caused a bunch of bugs.
  • Fixed even more bugs.
  • And more.

Wrote a lil bit about my one year milestone over at Deno, One Year and Two Hundred Patches Later.

I do this full time now, sponsorships go towards keeping the lights on.
I try to help everyone, but sponsors get their issues and requests prioritised accordingly.

16 sponsors are funding caspervonb’s work.


Open source all the way!


Featured work

  1. caspervonb/wasi-test-suite

    Ready to use runtime agnostic build of the WebAssembly System Interface test repositories

    Rust 3
  2. denoland/deno

    A modern runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript.

  3. caspervonb/deno-wasi

    A (WIP) WebAssembly System Interface implementation for Deno

    TypeScript 131
  4. caspervonb/wasi

    WebAssembly System Interface

    Rust 2

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