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Mathematics and computer algebra researcher for differential geometric algebras

YouTube DropBox Main github repo: Grassmann.jl

These projects and repositories were started entirely on my own initiative and goals.

Projects are available as free software to help spread the ideas to a wider audience.

The donations so far have been used to purchase the following books:

Featured work

  1. chakravala/Grassmann.jl

    ⟨Leibniz-Grassmann-Clifford⟩ differential geometric algebra / multivector simplicial complex

    Julia 369
  2. chakravala/Reduce.jl

    Symbolic parser generator for Julia language expressions using REDUCE algebra term rewriter

    Julia 210
  3. chakravala/Fatou.jl

    Fatou sets in Julia (Fractals, Newton basins, Mandelbrot)

    Julia 90
  4. chakravala/DirectSum.jl

    Tangent bundle / vector space category and functors

    Julia 39
  5. chakravala/AbstractTensors.jl

    Tensor algebra abstract type interoperability setup

    Julia 36
  6. chakravala/Geophysics.jl

    Planetary science data for atmospheric geophysical models

    Julia 7

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