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Chris Hartjes

Lucan, Ontario, Canada

Open-Source Work

Many of you know me from my work promoting testing within the PHP community, through books and conferences and training conferences. I'm also the lead developer for OpenCFP, a self-hosted PHP web application that helps conference organizers manage their call-for-papers process.

This project has succeeded beyond my initial plans but the project needs some attention to continue to grow and meet the needs of conference organizers. Your sponsorship would allow me to devote more time to working on OpenCFP instead of pursuing other paid projects during my off-work hours. OpenCFP is at a point where components need upgrading, new features need to be added, and I have costs associated with hosting the companion application OpenCFP Central, which aims to be a place for single-signon for OpenCFP and hosting talks for easier submission to other OpenCFP installations. Working on all this takes more than the one afternoon a month I can currently give it. Your support will allow me to devote 16-24 hours a month to the project.

9 sponsors are funding chartjes’s work.


Featured work

  1. opencfp/opencfp

    Repo for OpenCFP project, a PHP-based conference talk submission system

    PHP 540

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Thanks For All You Do

You appreciate the work I've done on OpenCFP and my non-stop evangelism of good testing practices for PHP

$5 a month


OpenCFP Central

You're a speaker who wants to have one central place for login and your talks for other OpenCFP installations

$10 a month


Conference Organizer

You've used OpenCFP to run your conference and you want to continue to see it grow and meet the needs of conferences, speakers, and organizers