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I spend a lot of time creating and maintaining my side projects. Most of them are related to public transport with heavy usage of maps. Some of them costs a lot and I have to pay them from my own pocket money, which most people don't really know.

Here are some of my best works:





I also write and share all my learnings publicly on my blog. Here are some of my (long) writings:

If you love to support my work, please consider sponsoring me because every little cent helps. I'll use these money to contribute back to the community and public. If we meet up someday, I can even give you some of my stickers collection :)

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$1 a month


It's like paying for 12 (mobile) apps in a year. So I need to build 12 apps? 😱

$10 a month


Roughly how much I'm paying now for some of my apps. This amount definitely helps.

$20 a month


This makes my life easier. A bit.

$50 a month


This makes my life easierer. A bit more.

$100 a month


I can use this to buy things that I like, enjoy life and stuff, in between my side project periods. I mean, I can't be working on my side projects every month, so rest is crucial.

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