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I build and maintain open source Jekyll themes, such as Bulma Clean Theme and Mere Blog Theme, a Bulma extension package called bulma-block-list, as well as contributing to various Laravel packages, including a couple of my own.

Bulma Clean Theme has now had over 15,000 downloads as a Ruby Gem and I want to be able to continue supporting its development, adding new features and layouts. By sponsoring me you will help me set aside some time to respond to issues, review pull requests and develop new features and layouts.

I also regularly add new posts to my blog to help explain what I have learnt and help out other developers having the same issues I have experienced.

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Featured work

  1. chrisrhymes/bulma-clean-theme

    A clean and modern Jekyll theme based on Bulma

    HTML 303
  2. chrisrhymes/bulma-block-list

    A simple scss package extending Bulma with block style list elements

    SCSS 38
  3. chrisrhymes/mere-blog-theme

    Mere is a minimal and simple blog theme, and nothing more, for use with Jekyll and GitHub Pages.

    HTML 26
  4. chrisrhymes/bulma-blade-ui

    A set of Laravel Blade components for the Bulma frontend framework

    PHP 10

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Help me develop new packages and add new features to my themes by buying me a coffee every quarter and I’ll list your name on my sponsors page on my website.

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Help me develop new packages and add new features to my themes by sponsoring me $5 a month and I will add your name as a sponsor on my website along with a link back to your GitHub profile page!