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Cengiz Ilerler

Boca Raton, FL

Your sponsorship will support my ongoing work on opinionated best practices on a development environment and libraries for .NET developers.

  1. .NET Helper Libraries

  2. .NET CORE Boilerplate

  3. DEV-OPS terminal

  4. Toolbelt & Resources


It will help me to get motivated to do more work on open source.

Featured work

  1. cilerler/ata

    Microsoft SQL Server w/ Full-Text Search

  2. cilerler/efe

    Dev-Ops terminal (except the IDE)

  3. cilerler/ruya

    .NET Core Framework Helpers

    C# 1

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If you and 9999 other people do this, I will quit my day job and work on open source full time. 🤑

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if you benefit from what I do and would like to support me, I appreciate it! 🤗