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Ciprian Manea

Helsinki, Finland

I started in 2019 an NGO/non-profit which gives small Raspberry Pi computers to unprivileged kids in Romania. We're calling these new computers: unPi.

Here on Github I'm working on Open Source, and in the Romanian language on a Scratch coding course, a Golang programming course -- both free, aimed at young learners. In addition, most NGO related documents, contracts, web and infrastructure pages are proudly open sourced and hosted on Github.

Your sponsorship will go directly (minus personal income taxes) to buy, ship and gift these kids new unPi computers.

Thank You!

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Featured work

  1. unPi-ro/automate

    a simple Ansible framework to deploy Rails apps, Middleman sites, or simple HTML pages on Debian server(s), with free SSL certs and off-site nightly backups

    Shell 2
  2. unPi-ro/

    a proof of concept, cheap and smart visor (or glasses) for the Blind, built with Raspberry Pico, sonar sensors and microPython

  3. cipy/unpi.web

    Pagina web a Asociației unPi pentru Școlari

    HTML 5
  4. unPi-ro/lunch-roulette

    Lunch Roulette (OSS) allows your company to organize lunch breaks between random employees, a way to foster innovation and break internal silos

    Python 4

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I used some of your code, Thank You! 🖖🏻

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Great unPi idea, I wish I could give more! 🤖

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I'll donate 1x unPi every year as you do! 🥰

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I'll donate 3x unPi per year! ❤️

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I'll donate 1x unPi per month! 🦾🤖🚀

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unPi ⭐️ apprentice, learning by doing 🦾
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