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Civic Hacker

United States of America

Civic Hacker's big, hairy, audacious mission is to use software, policy, and data to empower activists and engineer liberation. The problem set spans multiple fields of study and lived experiences. The specific needs of oppressed groups usually range from allyship between privileged groups and vulnerable communities to sustainable opportunities to make policy-level changes.

Civic Hacker develops technology for purpose-driven organizations like your favorite community groups and social enterprises.

Community Updates

Coding camps in the Hood

We had fun partnering with the Nashville Public Library's NPL Studio to do rapid-fire coding camps for Nashville grade school students. So much fun was had, and more is planned:

Open Source Updates

In addition to major updates to our OSS, we also made a number of contributions toward new projects and useful tools.

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Featured work

  1. civichacker/anti-oppressive

    This repository contains research into "Anti-oppressive Technologies", a Theory of Change at Civic Hacker, LLC.

  2. civichacker/awesome-cybernetics

    A set of curated resources for exploring the field of Cybernetics

  3. civichacker/love-language

    A collection of JSON Schemas for human betterment.

    Python 1
  4. civichacker/schemamodels

    Dynamically create Python data classes from JSON schemas

    Python 1

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