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clojure-lsp is a tool that gives power to your Editor during Clojure development!

Make your editor look more "IDE-ish" using all the features clojure-lsp provide, check the webpage for more information.

Or use it to lint your project using clojure-lsp features in your CI via CLI or clojure API


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Meet the team

Featured work

  1. clojure-lsp/clojure-lsp

    Clojure & ClojureScript Language Server (LSP) implementation

    Clojure 1,126
  2. clojure-lsp/lsp4clj

    LSP base support for any LSP that is implemented in Clojure

    Clojure 47
  3. clojure-lsp/lein-clojure-lsp

    Lein plugin to run clojure-lsp API features for your project

    Clojure 18
  4. clojure-lsp/setup-clojure-lsp

    Github Action to install clojure-lsp

    TypeScript 9

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