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Sunny Srinidhi

Bangalore / Mysore, India

I am software developer almost all my life. I started writing code in VisualBasic, and then ventured into the land of C, before entering the World Wide Web realm with PHP. These days, I've been writing distributed services in Java using the Spring Boot framework. I do a lot of data engineering work, APIs, ETLs, and a bit of UI using Angular. I have been diving deep into data science every passing week.

Most of the research I do in the data science space, I make it open by building Proof of Concepts (POCs) around the research I did. It could be actual machine learning stuff, or using already available tools to get work done in an actual project I'm working on.

These POCs I write are all available on Github, and I make sure I write a blog post explaining what the code is doing, how the libraries, packages, and tools I use work, and how we can integrate them into our projects. You can find these blog posts either on my personal blog, or in one of the many publications I'm part of on Medium.

I have helped many people through this work I do, and I've helped a few of my readers in their projects by providing code snippets for particular tasks, or by helping them get out of a sticky situation in their code.

I hope I'll be able to continue this work for the foreseeable future.


I'm setting this goal not for the money, but get a desired number of sponsors to keep me motivated to do more projects and make them public.

Featured work

  1. contactsunny/SimpleKafkaExampleSpringBoot

    A simple Spring Boot (Java) app which demonstrates Apache Kafka's producer and consumer APIs.

    Java 25
  2. contactsunny/kafka-module

    A simple Maven dependency module which integrates Kafka consumer and producer to your application.

  3. contactsunny/SparkMongoConnectorPOC

    A POC project to connect Apache Spark to MongoDB


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