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The Contao Association was founded in 2011 to promote and fund the development of the Contao Open Source CMS. Contao has been around for more than a decade but, as often with Open Source, the burdens always lie on just few a people's shoulders. This is where our organisation has stepped in.

As a federation of Contao enthusiasts, we are pooling forces with the community to take actions aside of the core software development. The Contao Association has stepped in whenever financial support was required, be it to organise events that require tens of thousands of Euro upfront, to backing major projects like the Contao Manager and rewriting the Contao documentation from scratch or when covering expenses of Contao team members.

Free software is free as in free speech, not as in free beer. An Open Source project like Contao requires amounts of money that can't be raised by a single person or company.

If you are selling websites built with Contao, we would love to see you contribute back financially to the product your business relies upon.

Choose GitHub Sponsors or Ko-fi for simple one time or recurring donations through credit card. By signing up for one of our supporter plans, you will receive additional rewards depending on the chosen level.

If you want to reach the Contao community with your product, be it commercial extensions, themes or web services which might be of interest to our community, feel free to reach out to and we can talk about other sponsoring options.

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