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Kelly Copley

Mansfield, Pennsylvania

Hey There!

Thank you for considering sponsorship of my work. As you can see there is a fair bit to maintain, and any contribution you make helps motivate me to keep fixing and creating things that hopefully you will love.

About Me

Hi, I'm Kelly. I'm a husband to a beautiful woman also named Kelli (yes Kelly and Kelli), and a father of 4 amazing boys; Tristen, Brody, Eivin, and Caleb.

I've been a freelance and open-source software developer since 2009. I have a deep appreciation of the web platform and an undying love of JavaScript. Once upon a time I mostly worked on PHP codebases, but In 2011 I stumbled upon NodeJS and shortly thereafter, Meteor, and I've been happily working in JavaScript stacks ever since.

Why Sponsor Me

Even minimal sponsorship shows me that you appreciate what I do, and the things that I create. If what I create, helps you create other awesome things, why not show a little love, and help motivate me to keep up with maintenance and create awesome new things.

If You Can't

Don't worry. That's completely fine too. Instead, consider giving one of my projects a ⭐, Send me an email and tell me about what you created with them, or hit me up on Twitter under the same handle and just say what's up. All these things motivate me as well and being that all of my work is licensed under MIT, you're welcome to use it for free, for as long as you want. Whether you sponsor me or not, I think you're awesome, and I appreciate that you use what I have created. Thank You ❤️


Be able to spend a few extra hours working on open source projects.

Current sponsors 1

Past sponsors 4

Featured work

  1. copleykj/socialize-messaging

    A messaging package for Meteor

    JavaScript 72
  2. copleykj/socialize-friendships

    A Meteor package for creating friendship functionality within your app.

    JavaScript 45
  3. copleykj/socialize-user-presence

    Simple, scalable package to help your app keep track of your users online status.

    JavaScript 19
  4. copleykj/socialize-server-presence

    A Meteor package to keep track of your running app instances and help you clean up the mess when they fail.

    JavaScript 3
  5. copleykj/grapher-link-executor

    A Meteor package to allow cultofcoders:grapher links to be defined alongside their collection definitions.

    TypeScript 1

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