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Perth, Australia

I work on projects that help or empower humans. I've been a Designer working on web interfaces for about 10 years. I've learnt a lot in that time, but I've only just scraped the surface of development and starting to release my own projects and products.

My first project is WhoCanUse - a tool that brings attention and understanding to how colour contrast can affect different people with visual impairments.


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$1 a month


☕️You get a warm fuzzy feeling for supporting my projects, your money will go towards buying me a coffee each month to keep the fuel pumping.

$5 a month


🍺Buy me a cheap Aussie beer a month. I'll raise my glass to the sky and gently whisper your name. Honestly, your sponsorship will provide me with incentive and motivation to keep doing what I do. I'll put my time into getting other Designers to bridge the gap into development.

$15 a month


🥃Here we go. The good stuff. You'll get a tip of the fedora and a shoutout on Twitter for helping me out. I'll feel super validated as a person and keep learning how to keep building projects that help people.

$100 a month


🍹For companies (or people) who benefited from my work in any way with money to burn. I'll probably cry a little, but when I come good I'll mention your sponsorship on my Twitter (as well as your Twitter handle + URL. No dodgy shit though). With this sort of cash, I'll take care of my personal health and well being - put it into the gym membership or petting animals.

$250 a month


🤯Ummm. Wut. Play it cool, Corey.

I wouldn't even know where to begin really... You'll get your company's logo (or personal name) on each of my Open Source projects - everyone will know how amazing you are. I'll Tweet about you or your company. As cool as money is, this would be too much for me. I don't know how, but I'll be helping out those who need it more than me. I'll try and help Designers learn more about development, and Developers learn about design. Let's make us one big happy family. Let's have a video chat, I want to get to know you.

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