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Hi, I'm CrazyMax!

I love open source and its community and have contributed and worked on several projects of this kind in recent years.

I currently enjoy building software around Golang 😺 and Docker 🐳 like swarm-cronjob, Diun, Portapps, FTPGrab or ddns-route53 and also those Docker images like LibreNMS, Fail2ban or JetBrains License Server but you maybe know me for WindowsSpyBlocker which intends to block spying and tracking on Windows systems. I also like to work on side projects like those GitHub Actions.

I hope sponsorships will help me continue working on open source software and if you would like to support my future work, consider joining me as a sponsor! 🙏

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Every little bit helps, thanks!

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You're amazing! 👏 This will provide me with incentive and motivation to keep doing what I do.

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