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Daniel Saidi

Stockholm, Sweden

I live in Stockholm, Sweden, where I work as a freelance engineer with focus on Swift, SwiftUI and Apple technologies.

I have created and manage many open source projects aimed at Swift and SwiftUI, that I do my best to keep up to date and evolve alongside work and family life.

Why should you sponsor me?

Even though there is no such thing as perfect software, I want my work to be of great quality and use to others. I therefore put a lot of time and thought into system design, documentation, etc., to give other developers a great experience.

If you appreciate all the work that goes into these projects, your support would mean a lot and be a huge motivation boost. By sponsoring my work, you can help bring new, fun and exciting things into this world.

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If you choose to sponsor me, I'd love to mention it on Twitter, Mastodon, and in other social channels. I'll reach out to new individuals and companies who sponsor me with $15 or more, before sharing.


10 sponsors would be a big milestone for me. I will then put more effort into polishing the tiers and prepare my various projects for this kind of sponsorships.

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Featured work

  1. KeyboardKit/KeyboardKit

    KeyboardKit helps you create custom keyboards with Swift and SwiftUI.

    Swift 1,279
  2. danielsaidi/RichTextKit

    RichTextKit is a Swift-based library for working with rich text in UIKit, AppKit and SwiftUI.

    Swift 552
  3. danielsaidi/SwiftUIKit

    SwiftUIKit contains additional functionality for SwiftUI.

    Swift 1,152
  4. danielsaidi/Sheeeeeeeeet

    Sheeeeeeeeet is a Swift library for creating menus, custom action sheets, context menus etc.

    Swift 1,618
  5. danielsaidi/OnboardingKit

    Tutti is a Swift library that lets you create tutorial and hint-based onboarding.

    Swift 388
  6. danielsaidi/MockingKit

    MockingKit is a Swift-based library that lets you mock protocols and classes. It lets you register function results, invoke and inspect method calls etc.

    Swift 69

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