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David Ralph

United Kingdom

Hello! I am a student from the United Kingdom. My main project is Mue, but I work on a few personal projects as well. Server and domain bills cost money, and as projects grow it gets harder to maintain them. Your contributions will go directly to paying the bills for these projects.

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Enough to cover all costs and increase project budgets


Featured work

  1. mue/mue

    Fast, open and free-to-use new tab page for modern browsers

    JavaScript 477
  2. davidcralph/hastebin-bot

    An opensource bot for Discord that posts data to Hastebin

    JavaScript 24
  3. davidcralph/leeks.js

    Simple ANSI styling for your terminal

    TypeScript 13
  4. davidcralph/kaomoji

    Powercord plugin to let you use Kaomoji in Discord

    JavaScript 23
  5. davidcralph/mangapages

    📖 Easily find the place to read a manga or light novel

    JavaScript 17
  6. davidcralph/docsify-ethicalads

    EthicalAds support for Docsify

    JavaScript 11

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Help me pay for server bills, domains etc.


  • GitHub icon and name listed on Mue about settings tab
  • Donator role in my Discord server (
  • Early sneak peeks into my stuff (requires you to be in my Discord server, see above)
  • Warm, fuzzy feeling

$2 a month


Be even cooler.


  • All of $1
  • Name listed on Mue website about page with link to GitHub profile
  • Early access to all of my projects and their updates
  • Custom role in Discord server
  • Warmer, fuzzier feeling

$5 a month


Super cool


  • Everything from $1 and $2
  • Fully cover my current bills
  • Logo in README of one of my projects (includes Mue)
  • Logo in websites of one of my projects (includes Mue)
  • The warmest, fuzziest feeling

$10 a month


Thank you

  • Everything from other tiers
  • Custom role in all my Discord servers (including Mue)
  • Logo in README of (up to) three of my projects, including Mue
  • Logo in websites of (up to) three of my projects, including Mue
  • ❤️