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What's up? I'm Nick. I'm an engineer who has a new-found passion for removing friction from the e-commerce developer experience. Right now I work at Resilient Coders, a boot camp dedicated to bringing Black and Brown people into the tech industry. I'm also helping My fiance build out her hiring platform, Black Tech Pipeline.

Current Projects


use-shopping-cart is a Stripe power hooks library that helps you easily build shopping cart experiences for your e-commerce websites. It's JamStack friendly and currently, we're working towards fully supporting back end needs.


This is a M O N O R E P O of Stripe based Gatsby themes that allow you to quickly spin up e-commerce experiences just from dropping in your Stripe API keys. This is actually what inspired me to make use-shopping-cart!

Black Tech Pipeline

(private, launching soon though!)

Black Tech Pipeline is a platform for Black and Brown tech opportunists to be connected with opportunity providers. Can't wait to drop this one!

Donating to me will directly support my efforts in everything I've been building and maintaining.

If you're looking to work with me on anything related to what's above, feel free to e-mail me at

Thank you so much!


Reaching this goal will allow me to spend less time looking for freelance/side project work and focus more on tools for developers in the e-commerce space.

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Featured work

  1. dayhaysoos/use-shopping-cart

    Shopping cart state and logic for Stripe

    JavaScript 847

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