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Hi there!

I am Derick, and I am the creator and sole maintainer of Xdebug, PHP's debugger.

The main areas of Open Source that I work on are:

Please help me to continue to work on these projects, by sponsoring me here on GitHub.


155 sponsors have funded derickr’s work.


If I reach a $2500/month, I will be able to spend enough time to maintain Xdebug. That's what you want too, right? I'll also start sending my monthly updates to you as well, way before they show up on my web site.

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Private Sponsor

Featured work

  1. xdebug/xdebug

    Xdebug — Step Debugger and Debugging Aid for PHP

  2. php/php-src

    The PHP Interpreter

  3. derickr/timelib

    Timelib is a timezone and date/time library that can calculate local time, convert between timezones and parse textual descriptions of date/time information.

  4. xdebug/

    Xdebug Website

    HTML 126
  5. derickr/geospatial

    PHP Extension to handle common geospatial functions.

    C 2

45% towards $2,500 per month goal

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lhellemons and 154 others sponsor this goal

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$3 a month


Ant — It shows your support for Xdebug. You have my eternal gratitude.

$5 a month


Beetle — For Open Source developers. From this tier, you will also get access to the early monthly reports.

$10 a month


Cricket — This tier is for individual professional developers that use Xdebug regularly.

$25 a month


Dragonfly — This tier is for small companies with developers that use Xdebug daily.

$50 a month


Dragonfly Couple —This tier is also for small companies with developers that use Xdebug daily.

$100 a month


Earthworm — This tier is for corporate sponsors of Xdebug.

In addition to previous tiers, you will also be invited to a bi-monthly video call to discuss Xdebug face-to-face.