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Hi, I'm Dimitris Grammatikogiannis and I'm a former JS team leader for the Joomla CMS project but still an active contributor. I've been involved with the project for some time and have introduced many nice features (tinyMCE drag and drop, Web Components, etc). I'm also providing a number of small extension [all free] that solve a particular problem of the CMS in a performant/efficient way. Also have few sites providing more interactive solutions.
Sponsoring me will allow me to provide more such free extensions or fix bug and introduce more exciting features.

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Featured work

  1. joomla/joomla-cms

    Home of the Joomla! Content Management System

  2. ttc-freebies/plugin-responsive-images

    Responsive images for Joomla! articles (com_content)

    PHP 87
  3. ttc-freebies/lightweight-ga

    Module/Plugin for Efficient Google Analytics

    JavaScript 6
  4. ttc-freebies/custom-edit-forms-per-cat

    Customise any backend/frontend com_content edit form per category

    JavaScript 14
  5. dgrammatiko/sloth

    As slow as it gets PWA

    PHP 16
  6. ttc-freebies/joomla-3.x-images-lazy-loading


    JavaScript 6

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