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dgw spends entirely too much time working on IRC-related nonsense.


I'm a hobbyist software developer based in Minneapolis, MN, USA.

My day job is also in IT, but I don't get to write software there.

My Code

Primarily, I maintain a Python IRC bot framework named Sopel, along with several of its "official" plugins.

As a way of forcing myself not to completely ignore the existence of Perl, I help out with Bucket, xkcd's IRC channel bot. (I also have a stash of random, possibly useless plugins for that.)

You'll also find me around a lot of other IRC-related projects. Among them: ZNC (the king of IRC bouncers), the znc-push notification plugin, and The Lounge (a modern web-based IRC client).

My personal projects are mostly more IRC stuff (Sopel and Bucket plugins). I'm also lead maintainer of the Warehousing mod for Factorio.

Other Stuff

In my spare spare time (not a typo!), I act as sort of front-line support and sometime PR reviewer for YOURLS.

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