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I'm building public domain, open source tools, mostly in Python.

I want to make working with computers more intuitive, faster, easier, and less stressful.

My main project is migra, a schema comparison tool for PostgreSQL.

I've written several other python modules too:

  • sqlakeyset: The only offset-free, multi-direction, multi-column paging plugin for SQLAlchemy
  • logx: A fully configuration free logging library
  • autovenv: An automatic virtual environment manager
  • pgnotify: Easily listen to PostgreSQL NOTIFY messages
  • emailx: Wrapper over the standard library to make email sending simple
  • results: A jack-of-all trades library for working with databases and tabular data
  • ratemate: A small, simple yet advanced rate limiting module

I'm also interested in developing new, radically different user interfaces for software development. I'm working on instant-feedback coding experience in Python, built for the purposes of promoting better software development interfaces. I discussed this at PyCon Australia: Instant-feedback, instant-debugging Python coding. This isn't open sourced yet: but with enough sponsorship, that could become feasible.

I've put many hours of voluntary work into designing and building migra and other tools, without financial reward: It's a labour of love.

Help support better software for the public good by supporting my efforts.

4 sponsors are funding djrobstep’s work.


Featured work

  1. australianunions/results

    Tabular data and SQL for people who don't have time to faff about

    Python 16
  2. djrobstep/migra

    Like diff but for PostgreSQL schemas

    Python 2,105
  3. djrobstep/logx

    best practice, zero config python logging

    Python 42
  4. djrobstep/pgnotify

    Easily LISTEN to PostgreSQL NOTIFY messages

    Python 55
  5. djrobstep/emailx

    Extremely simple emailing for python

    Python 3
  6. djrobstep/autovenv

    virtualenv with less hassle

    Roff 26

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Respecters. $1 = 1 respect point

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Supporters. Spare a penny guvnor? I'm just a lowly code farmer, selling my wares in a barrow at the market.

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Sponsors. $50 really helps towards being able to spend more time on projects and make them sustainable

$200 a month


If you/your employer are using migra regularly your business, it's probably saving you at least that per month! Pay your way and help fund faster bug fixes and new features.

$500 a month


Enterprise. If your large company has built workflows on migra, it makes sense to pay enough to ensure the building blocks of your business are maintained sustainably.

$6,000 a month


God tier. If you really want to throw money at me to maximize my output, this is the way to do it.