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Kevin Jahns

Berlin, Germany

Hi, I'm Kevin from Berlin 👋

I'm an independent software developer working full time on Yjs and related projects. I'm not backed by a company or any grants. Please support my work financially if you use it.

Are you using Yjs at your company? Great! Convince your employer to buy a support contract (500$/month). I will prioritize your issues and we can hang out on weekly zoom sessions. Thank you!

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Featured work

  1. yjs/yjs

    Shared data types for building collaborative software

    JavaScript 8,652
  2. dmonad/crdt-benchmarks

    A collection of CRDT benchmarks

    JavaScript 244
  3. yjs/y-dat

    Dat provider for Yjs

    JavaScript 36
  4. yjs/y-prosemirror

    ProseMirror editor binding for Yjs

    JavaScript 195
  5. yjs/y-webrtc

    WebRTC Connector for Yjs

    JavaScript 202
  6. dmonad/lib0

    Monorepo of isomorphic utility functions

    JavaScript 157

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Focused Work You can ask me to direct my efforts in a direction that also aligns with my goals. Your contribution allows me to focus on a specific thing.

$500 a month


Support Contract I will swiftly fix your issues and I will be available for video calls / slack discussions. I will help you to figure out the best way to integrate Yjs into your project. If you have a serious project that uses Yjs, I humbly ask you to support this project with a support contract.

$1,000 a month


Sponsor At 1000$, you and your project will get a special mention in the readme and on the project website. Your contribution allows me to further improve the Yjs ecosystem without worrying about finding new contracting gigs.

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