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I'm Doug Binks, an experienced game developer with two decades of experience in making game engine technology in roles from R&D development manager at Crytek to lead programmer and head of studio at Strangelite and Technical Lead of the Game Architecture Initiative at Intel.

I'm a co-founder of enkisoftware where I work making the game Avoyd along with @juliettef, developing software and providing consultancy services for the computer games industry. I try to open source as much as possible of our technology, which you can find here on Github.

My most popular libraries are:

  • Runtime Compiled C++ , a way to reliably make major changes to your C++ code at runtime and see the results immediately. It's aimed at games development but could be useful in any industry where turnaround times are a bottleneck.
  • enkiTS: enki Task Scheduler, a permissively licensed lightweight C and C++ Task Scheduler for creating parallel programs.
  • enkiMI: enki Minecraft Importer, a permissively licensed lightweight C and C++ Minecraft Importer library.

Along with @juliettef I help develop the following libaries:

  • imgui_markdown, a permissively licensed markdown single-header library for Dear ImGui.
  • IconFontCppHeaders a set of C++11, C89 headers and C# classes for icon fonts Font Awesome, Fork Awesome, Google Material Design icons, Material Design Icons, Kenney game icons, Ionicons and Fontaudio.

I also help moderate the GLFW forums along with making the odd contribution.

Sponsorhip will help me dedicate more time to my open source projects along with bringing more of our code to the open source community, improve the documentation and create more tutorials and examples.

Happy coding!



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