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Hello, folks!

I'm Rahul, an incoming cybersecurity enthusiast, a full stack web developer and a student.

I’m currently working on ...

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Sponsoring is something I'm experimenting with. My expectation is that having sponsors will provide me with more incentive to work on my open source projects that you find helpful. Without sponsorship, my priorities may lead more toward working on billable work at the expense of open source projects.

Thank you for your support! 🙌


I'll be able to cover my current server costs and any future upgrade plans once I'm sponsored for $50 each month!

Featured work

  1. drph4nt0m/avbot

    Aviation enthusiast's friendly neighborhood bot

    TypeScript 17

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Pick one of my projects (some exceptions) to support. In addition to your sponsorship badge, I'll list your name and avatar/logo/link in a "Thanks" section on that project's main README page. You'll also get top-priority on any issues you file (against any of my projects)!

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