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I invite you to read the full bio on my technical blog:

3 sponsors are funding drupol’s work.


For the greater good of the community, I pledge to maintain my PHP libraries and packages, assist people on issue queue and implement new features when requested. Thanks in advance for helping me, you're great!


Featured work

  1. loophp/collection

    A (memory) friendly, easy, lazy and modular collection class.

    PHP 487
  2. loophp/phptree

    An implementation of tree data structure

    PHP 68
  3. drupol/phpermutations

    Generate Permutations and Combinations in an efficient way.

    PHP 65
  4. loophp/dynamicobjects

    Create PHP objects having dynamic classes and/or properties.

    PHP 12
  5. loophp/phptree-ast-generator

    Generates Abstrax Syntax Tree (AST) of a PHP script in DOT (Graphviz) or Image (PNG, JPG, SVG) formats.

    PHP 3
  6. drupol/phposinfo

    Try to guess the host operating system.

    PHP 7

3% towards 100 sponsors goal

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$1 a month


One dollar per month is a nice little gift and you get a Sponsor badge on your profile!

$10 a month


To motivate me to continue the maintenance of my packages and help people on the issue queue.

Bonus: You get a shoutout on Twitter!

$100 a month


I'm dedicating on average one hour per day on a specific project.

This amount of money would also partially help for:

  • Funding the internet broadband subscription
  • Funding the home maintenance costs (electricity, heating, etc)

$250 a month


This would partially cover the costs related to

  • The renovation of a home office in my attic
  • Buying my next bike

On top of that:

  • You earn a mention in our Release notes
  • Your name goes in my project README