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I am a passionate coder that loves to expand his knowledge of programming, languages, practices, and more.

I have a bunch of open source projects, but the ones I focus my attention on the most are FriendsOfFlarum and YappyBots. I also am a core developer of Flarum.

Flarum is the next-generation forum software that makes online discussion fun. I am part of its core developer team and FriendsOfFlarum, a third-party extension developer team for Flarum.

YappyBots are bots for Discord that currently post notifications from repositories and organizations on GitHub & GitLab to Discord channels. Not much of my attention has been going to them recently, though. I'm mainly focused on Flarum-related stuff.

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Featured work

  1. flarum/framework

    Simple forum software for building great communities.

  2. flarum/docs

    Flarum documentation.

    JavaScript 59
  3. FriendsOfFlarum/extension-generator

    This package is no longer supported. Please use instead.

    JavaScript 52
  4. dsevillamartin/flarum-ext-dashboard

    DEPRECATED This completely re-imagines the Admin interface

    JavaScript 17
  5. YappyBots/YappyGitHub

    A github monitor bot for Discord

    JavaScript 66
  6. YappyBots/YappyGitLab

    A GitLab monitor bot for Discord

    JavaScript 51

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