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I already write everything about me on my github profile, go here first.

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Featured work

  1. dustinrouillard/puffsocial-web

    Web Frontend for - Sesh with your fellow puffco friends from anywhere

    TypeScript 3
  2. dustinrouillard/tabatha

    New Tab Replacement for Chrome and Firefox - Sleek, Dark, and Minimal

    TypeScript 31
  3. dustinrouillard/personal-site

    Personal website - Written in TypeScript using React and Next.js

    TypeScript 19
  4. dustinrouillard/dustin-api

    API for my personal projects, and websites, written in TypeScript using Fastify

    TypeScript 30
  5. dustinrouillard/shortener

    Cloudflare Worker powered link shortener - Stores in workers K/V - Powering

    TypeScript 14

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