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Author, co-author or maintainer of several dozen CRAN packages including Rcpp
Co-creator of the Rocker project providing Docker images for R
Debian developer since 1995 and maintainer of 100+ packages

Personal website and Twitter profile

22 sponsors are funding eddelbuettel’s work.


Featured work

  1. rocker-org/rocker

    R configurations for Docker

    Shell 1,304
  2. RcppCore/Rcpp

    Seamless R and C++ Integration

    C++ 641
  3. eddelbuettel/littler

    A scripting and command-line front-end for GNU R

  4. eddelbuettel/tint

    Tint is not Tufte

  5. eddelbuettel/gsir-te

    Getting Started in R -- Tinyverse Edition

  6. eddelbuettel/binb

    Binb is not Beamer

    TeX 181

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