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After 15 years as a software engineer, I am passionate about getting everyone into Open Source, I really believe it is for YOU. It doesn't matter where you are from, your job title, background or experience, all Open Source cares about, is you visit once in a while :)

I do this by creating content on Twitter, TwitterSpaces, live streaming, video tutorials and vlogging tech events I go to around the world on my YouTube channel.

No matter your role or experience in the tech community you will find that you can become involved and learn from Open Source. There is no gatekeeping in Open Source, it fosters a real sense of collaboration, communication and career development. That is why I founded the Open Source inclusive community EddieHub where we can all learn from each other and share our knowledge. At EddieHub we believe collaboration 1st code 2nd. Join for free now and collaborate with an awesome community

You can find all my technical content (YouTube, Twitter etc) on my Open Source LinkFree project

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Featured work

  1. EddieHubCommunity/BioDrop

    Connect to your audience with a single link. Showcase the content you create and your projects in one place. Make it easier for people to find, follow and subscribe.

    JavaScript 4,724
  2. EddieHubCommunity/EddieBot

    Inclusive words Discord bot (no more "hey guys")

    TypeScript 155

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