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Become a sponsor to edent

If you enjoy my code, or find it useful, or want me to improve it - chuck us a few quid, eh?

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$1 a month


Why can't tiers be in £ or €? Oh well. This is the lowest amount they'll let me choose.

If you don't like recurring payments, or you would rather use a different currency, you can send money via PayPal -

Want to buy me a present? Here's an Amazon wishlist -

$42 a month


This is probably a bit much per month, but I thought I'd give you the option. Honestly, I'd rather have something from my Amazon wishlist -

$250 a month


Microgrants! Want to give us some cash to keep open culture projects alive? This is the tier for you :-)

$500 a month


I'm setting up this tier to see if GitHub really matches donations.

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