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Eric Ridge

North Carolina

My name is Eric Ridge. I'm the primary developer of ZomboDB and pgx

ZomboDB brings powerful text-search and analytics features to Postgres by using Elasticsearch as an index type. Its comprehensive query language and SQL functions enable new and creative ways to query your relational data.

pgx, on the other hand, brings the power and efficiency and safety of Rust to PostgreSQL by allowing you to write your own PostgreSQL extensions in Rust.

Sponsoring me, and by extension ZomboDB, at any tier, will allow me to continue ZomboDB development in not only the usual, boring ways, but also new and exciting ways.

I've structured the tiers in such a way as to best provide support for any demands you may have. The lower tiers mainly allow us to continue to work on the project, but won't allow us to dedicate time to your specific use case. The funded startup tier allows us to build and verify ZomboDB binary artifacts specifically for your organization. At these tiers we will provide you with a private key to access a verified ZomboDB builds.

For the tiers that include it, an incident report is a ZomboDB or pgx -related question or bug that you need prioritized above all else. It's a blocker for your work and you don't have time to follow the standard open source model of filing issues and waiting for a new release.

We can solve the incident together via email, Discord, phone, or videochat, up to 8hrs of work.

For the tiers with rewards, such as joining our Discord channel, please email me at:


Thanks to all the current sponsors! We've surpassed our second goal of 20 sponsors and that's super exciting! Let's aim for 30!

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Featured work

  1. zombodb/zombodb

    Making Postgres and Elasticsearch work together like it's 2022

    PLpgSQL 4,301
  2. zombodb/postgres-parser

    Postgres' query parser, as a Rust crate!

    Rust 88

56% towards 30 monthly sponsors goal

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Hey, thanks! ❤️

$3 a month



You're someone that plays with open source for fun and you particularly love the combination of PostgreSQL + Elasticsearch + @ZomboDB or the combination of PostgreSQL and Rust

  • Thanks for your support!

$10 a month



You use @ZomboDB or pgx occasionally for personal projects and you're really excited it exists!

  • Thanks for your support!
  • You can join @ZomboDB's private Discord server

$125 a month



You're a secret group of people doing secret things that you hope will someday change the world. You're totally cool with the open source process of issue reporting and waiting for the next release, and you don't need dedicated consulting time, but you don't want to build @ZomboDB yourself.

  • You can join @ZomboDB's private Discord server
  • Access to pre-built binaries for easy installation and CI integration

$1,800 a month


Funded Startup

You're a startup that's using @ZomboDB or pgx to make money. That's awesome, we're excited for you!

  • Access to pre-built binaries for easy installation and CI integration
  • Dedicated Discord channel for your company
  • 4hrs of professional consulting per month
  • 2 incident reports per month