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Hello World!

I'm Nam Nguyen. I'm a cloud engineer by day, and Android engineer by night. I have created a few Android libraries like toro, kohii which are helpful to thousands of developers all over the world.

I write OSS libraries as a way to improve myself as well as to give back to community from which I have learnt a lot about Android and other stuffs. Being found and have people using my creation is such an honor to me.

If your ideas have been made possible using my work, please consider sponsoring, any amount is appreciative. Your support will boost my productivity and creativity to keep going strong. I’m eternally grateful for your kindness.

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$3 a month


You are so kind and your cup of coffee just give me one more hour a day to fix some serious bugs. All my commits have your support in it.

$15 a month


You have support me to do much more for the community (that I wish you are also benefited from) with just one less Espresso shot you have each week. I'm really appreciate.

$50 a month


You are just amazing. $50 can do a lot, but you help me instead. You can choose one of my Github repository and your name will be in it. This is not much, but I hope you are happy because you are now part of something big.

$150 a month


I know you are a serious supporter. And I'm truly appreciate. If you have any concern or you need any help, your email will be in top priority (I do email support a lot, for free, but you will be special). Your name will also be included in one of my repository, so please pick one.

$500 a month


This is more than I can expect. You will have my support via email or hangout chat regarding anything I can cover, with top priority of course. I will also include your required name and/or logo in all of my active and highly starred repositories as sponsor.

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