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Enrico Battocchi

Livorno, Italy

Duplicate Post is a WordPress plugin that allows users to clone their posts or pages.
It has a lot of options to fine tune what to copy, which roles can perform the clone operation, which post types can be cloned.

It's totally free to use by the WordPress Community since november 2007, and it's in the top ten most popular plugins in the repository (it's currently installed on more than 3 million websites, and it's been downloaded more than 11 million times) with a rating of five stars out of five.

It's compatible with most of the WordPress plugins/themes/configurations out of the box, and can easily made to work with virtually all of the rest.
But the WordPress ecosystem is booming with new possibilities and new pathways which were unexpected just a few years ago. Keeping up is not easy, it's both a time-consuming effort and a huge responsibility, especially without a premium scheme as most of the plugins out there.

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$1 a month


The Badge Tier 🎖️

Duplicate Post is free, both as in free beer and freedom. And it's not cool enough to have its own swag as a reward :-)
But it's useful, it's stable, it's reliable: something the WordPress community can count on.
So with a monthly pledge of $1 you can support its development, receive my "thank you" on behalf of the millions of people using it.
And you get a "Sponsor" badge here on Github. 🎖️
Cool, eh?

$3 a month


The Cappuccino Tier ☕🥐

Are you a web professional, or an agency? Do you use Duplicate Post a lot? Maybe it's one of the first plugins you install in every website you work on, and you'd love to show how much you like it?
This is the tier for you. Buy me a breakfast (cappuccino + croissant) once a month.

$10 a month


The Pizza Tier 🍕

Do you use Duplicate Post so much that you find the lower tiers inadequate? Maybe you'd like to boost the development a bit? You know that WordPress has changed a lot in the last few years, and you want to help me keep the pace?
Buy me a pizza + soda every month, coding is so much better with Angelo's "Quattro formaggi" in the belly.

$100 a month


The Travel Tier 🧳

I love WordCamps, so I always try to go there every time I can. There is so much to learn, and so many people to meet: it's a great way to feel immersed in the WordPress world, and it's been so helpful and beneficial to my work on Duplicate Post.
You can help me with the travel expenses to get to various WordCamps (the Italian ones, some abroad and obviously the unmissable WordCamp Europe), and maybe we'll meet there :-)

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