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Technical leader at SolidQ , Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Computer engineer graduated with honors and Microsoft Certified Trainer ( MCT ). My main role as Data Engineer is focused on the SQL Server relational engine. I´m passionate on solving performance problems in OLTP systems (database, dotnet and bare metal). Also specialized in the definition and implementation of reliable high availability environments in Azure and on premises, where I successfully led more than 150 projects not only in Spain but in different countries like USA , Netherlands , Mexico , Saudi Arabia, Austria... I´m the principal architect of the SolidQ solutions called HealthCheck , QueryAnalytics and DatabaseObfuscator. Regular speaker at SolidQ SUMMIT, member and speaker at SQL PASS in Spain and Latin America, staff member of the Madrid´s SQLSaturday edition. I´m trying always to help people with both my personal GitHub account and the SolidQ Blog with my colleagues of SolidQ.


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Featured work

  1. enriquecatala/sqlserver-docker-alwayson

    Docker templates to create a SQL Server 2017 availability group solution

    Dockerfile 24
  2. enriquecatala/mssql-server-samplesdb

    SQL Server docker image with all sample databases

    Dockerfile 21
  3. enriquecatala/DataMigrationAssistantHelper

    Helper for analyze results of the Microsoft Data Migration Assistant tool

    PowerShell 2
  4. enriquecatala/SSDTt4Helper

    Helper to supercharge your SQL Server Database projects (SSDT) using t4 to auto-generate code (T-SQL, polybase,...)

    TSQL 3
  5. enriquecatala/application-insights-full-demo

    Full demo to show complete application insights instrumentation

    C# 2

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