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Thanks for even taking the time for getting this far to learn about how to sponsor my Open Source work!

I invest as much as my spare time as possible preserving old software for future generations to enjoy as easily as possible. Most of this work revolves around creating open source disassemblers or emulators for these platforms. On the PC side of things, my passion is preserving BBS software, specifically MajorBBS and Worldgroup and allowing folks to not only understand how this software worked 30+ years ago, but also enable people to run it easily on modern operating systems and hardware without having to go through the hassle of setting up virtual machines.

My goal is to always make it easier for the next person. So I try hard to balance my code in both performance and readability. The more people who understand how to make emulators and disassemblers, the more software can be preserved in the future.

This isn't my full time job, but time I invest out of my love for software. As such, my support tier levels reflect this as I'm not looking to make this a source of income, but I do sincerely appreciate the support you can show my projects.

Thanks again!

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