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Hello, and thank your for sponsoring me!
Your sponsorship helps me to work on a number of projects, including:

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Working on these project is far more than just writing code. It includes documentation, community management, education, and support. Help me continue to provide the open-source coomunity with these tools... and of course, more features and code :D

I've written more about my sponsorship process on my blog @

Thank you for your support!

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Featured work

  1. actionhero/actionhero

    Actionhero is a realtime multi-transport nodejs API Server with integrated cluster capabilities and delayed tasks

    TypeScript 2,313
  2. actionhero/node-resque

    Node.js Background jobs backed by redis.

    TypeScript 1,158
  3. evantahler/Dont-be-a-Jerk

    Don't Be a Jerk: The [simple & sassy] Open Source License

  4. grouparoo/grouparoo

    🦘 The Grouparoo Monorepo - open source customer data sync framework

    JavaScript 636

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  • At the $250/mo level, you or your company will be listed as a sponsor in the README of your choice.

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