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Evan Pratten

Oakville Ontario, Canada

I have been developing software since the fifth grade, starting my journey with JavaScript and Python. Years later, I am now writing software both professionally, and as a hobby in more languages than I can remember.

Outside of work, I almost exclusively develop open-source software, and it is all available here on this GitHub account. On personal projects, I like to iterate, experiment, and develop as fast as possible, which leads me to have a habit of cranking out projects every three-ish days. A lot of these projects are either developed out of necessity for use in another project, or as learning experiments. Feel free to use, fork, and contribute to any of my projects. I appreciate any feedback given in return.


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Featured work

  1. Ewpratten/OpenDepthMap

    Hacking a LeapMotion controller into a Binocular Depth Mapping sensor

    Rust 1
  2. frc5024/lib5k

    The software libraries that power all Raider Robotics projects

    Java 6
  3. Ewpratten/polymesh

    The PolyMesh 3D file format, library, and toolset

    Rust 2
  4. Ewpratten/legalaccess

    A Java library for safely accessing private fields and methods

    Java 1
  5. Ewpratten/JDMA

    Direct Memory Access and other unsafe operations for Java

    Java 1
  6. Ewpratten/rbn

    A small CLI interface to the Reverse Beacon Network


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