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In the last years, I have been developing two software which grew considerably in popularity, PlotJuggler and BehaviorTree.CPP.

Recently, I also started a "digital garden", CPP_Optimizations_Diary, where I share some practical and actionable design patterns to find performance issues in your code and optimize it.

My software is used by individuals and companies all over the world to debug or program their robots and drones. This makes me incredibly proud!

But these projects are time-consuming and I can work on them only in my spare time; for this reason, your support is really appreciated. 😃

A donation is a powerful and important message: that people or companies rely on my software and want me to continue improving it, through new features, bug fixes and documentation.

8 sponsors have funded facontidavide’s work.


If I reach this goal, I will reserve at least 3-4 hours per week to either work on PlotJuggler or BehaviorTree.CPP. Time will be split proportionally between these two projects, based on the desire of the sponsor.

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Private Sponsor
Private Sponsor

Featured work

  1. facontidavide/PlotJuggler

    The Time Series Visualization Tool that you deserve.

  2. BehaviorTree/BehaviorTree.CPP

    Behavior Trees Library in C++. Batteries included.

  3. facontidavide/CPP_Optimizations_Diary

    Tips and tricks to optimize your C++ code

    C++ 765
  4. BehaviorTree/Groot

    Graphical Editor to create BehaviorTrees. Compliant with BehaviorTree.CPP

    C++ 482

70% towards $250 per month goal

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@dagar @Menapia-tech @HansRobo

Greenzie and 7 others sponsor this goal

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$5 a month


If any of these things happened to you:

  • After analyzing 500 time-series with PlotJugler you keep thinking: "wow, this software saved so much time".
  • Your robot became sentient thanks to BehaviorTree.CPP.
  • You made your software twice as fast thanks to a trick you found in CPP_Optimization_Diary.

Then, consider to invite me to a coffee ;)

$25 a month


You probably use either PlotJuggler or BehaviorTree.CPP at work, or you really enjoy CPP_Optimization_Diary.

This is a great opportunity to support the development of new features and speed-up the resolution of issues on Github. Your donation allows me to focus more on Open Source Software development in my spare time.

Additionally, you will be granted access to the "Sponsors-only" repository of PlotJuggler.

$100 a month


Official sponsor mentioned at the top of the README of my repositories.

You get 1-to-1 support (chat/video/email) to discuss new features and bugs.
Your issues will be fixed first.