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Hi! I am Fabian and I am an independent contributor to Bitcoin Core.

I spend most of my time reviewing and testing pull requests and digging into any parts where I find potential bugs to be fixed or improvements to be made. My biggest contribution that is currently in progress, is the coinstatsindex. It makes auditing the coin supply for potential unwanted inflation much easier and efficient.

Aside from contributing to Bitcoin Core, I hack on smaller projects (example Lightning Vending Machine) and I spread technical knowledge of bitcoin through Bitcoin Socratic Seminars. I organize and co-host the Berlin Socratic Seminar on a monthly basis and I have hosted seminars in Ho Chi Minh City and Frankfurt (Main) as well.

If you would prefer to send me sound money instead you can find a BTCPayServer donation button on my website by clicking on the menu button: (JS needs to be enabled).

Thanks for checking out my profile!

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    Bitcoin Core integration/staging tree

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