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Currently working on utilizing nostr as a communications layer between light clients and Bitcoin Core. Soon to come will be Core Lightning, LND and Join Market.

Making connecting to your own node great again! I developed and built the first iOS wallet that allows users to connect to their own Bitcoin Core node via an authenticated Tor V3 hidden service.

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Featured work

  1. Fonta1n3/FullyNoded

    Self sovereign, secure, powerful, easy to use wallet that utilizes your own node as a backend. Powered by PSBT's and descriptors. Acts as an offline signer using your node as a watch-only wallet. C…

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$10 a month


🍻 This will go towards buying a couple beers! Thank you for your tip :)

$100 a month


🖥 This will go towards paying for servers which I run to help me test and continue development of Fully Noded. I live in Indonesia and at my house can not get proper wifi, therefore rely heavily on mobile data usage and servers to run nodes ($$$).

$300 a month


💪 This would go towards covering all of the yearly costs that are required to maintain an Apple enterprise account, an LLC, website hosting domain names etc which are all required to keep my apps more professional and most importantly in order to distribute apps which fall within Apple's regulatory framework for "facilitating the transmission of cryptocurrency". Without an enterprise account and an LLC I am unable to release apps which do this on the App Store.

$1,000 a month


🤩 This will go towards purchasing newer iPhone models for testing purposes, currently I am using a 7 plus model which is quite outdated. This has resulted in apps crashing on newer devices because I have not been able to test properly on the physical newer models.

$5,000 a month


🤯 You are allowing me to live my dream and focus 100% on building free open sourced software! This will fund an open source progressive web app inspired by Fully Noded built with Python which will run in any Tor browser so that it can be used on all devices without a walled garden. 100% full censorship resistance the way FOSS Bitcoin software should be!