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I am making open source contributions within the WWW and PHP community.

The main project I'm contributing to is PHP.Gt ( - a collection of repositories that make up WebEngine, a tool for rapidly prototyping web products.

Secondly, I contribute to open source projects that help remove the bottlenecks of web development, such as Authwave ( and Hexform (

For PHP repositories, I started PHP Actions, a set of Github Actions for PHP repositories that provide a minimal footprint to individual CI tools.

As part of my efforts with PHP.Gt, I am building web development video courses, initially aimed at complete beginners, but following through to building real world applications, tackling tough issues that professional web development has to face. These will be completely free and help grow the open source communities I'm working with.

Current open source projects

Take a look at the projects I'm most excited about right now:

  1. - a set of minimalist tools that make up PHP.Gt/WebEngine, an application development toolkit aimed at streamlining development and respecting web technologies.
  2. - A set of actions to bring PHP continuous integration to Github in a consistent way.
  3. - a tool so you never have to build user authentication again.
  4. - contact forms for static / serverless sites.

Upcoming open source projects

When I complete the above projects, here is what I've got planned so far:

  1. Self-hosted mix of Google Drive and WeTransfer.
  2. Self-hosted alternative to Google Photos.
  3. Self-hosted alternative to Spotify (your own MP3 streaming).
  4. Collaborative wiki for team notes and content management.

I'm dedicating more time to open source contributions, and it would mean so much to hit my first humble goal of 10 sponsors.

Featured work

  1. PhpGt/WebEngine

    Rapid development engine that is minimalistic and ergonomic in design.

    PHP 19
  2. g105b/drng

    Deterministic random number generator.

    PHP 2
  3. PhpGt/Dom

    Modern DOM API.

    PHP 98
  4. PhpGt/Fetch

    Asynchronous HTTP client with promises.

    PHP 29
  5. php-actions/composer

    Use the Composer CLI in your Github Actions.

    Shell 112
  6. php-actions/phpunit

    Run your PHPUnit tests in your Github Actions.

    Shell 73

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The obligatory coffee & beer fund.

Depending on what time of day it is, coffee/beer is used as a motivational inspirational stress-negating taste-sensational anti-frustration hydration creator.

$50 a month


Question time!

For people who have benefitted from my open source contributions or video courses, I will happily include any questions in a follow up video, and/or answer them directly in a one-off thirty minute video chat with you or your team.

$100 a month


Monthly tech consultation.

For people who have benefited from my open source contributions, receive a monthly sixty minute video chat with you or your team, where we can discuss the usage of open source tooling within your projects, assess implementation strategies and answer any technical questions you have.

$200 a month


Feature development.

If you would like to see your specific feature(s) implemented into an open source project, I will prioritise work on it, with monthly feedback calls/emails to track progress.

Features will need to be accepted using the Github issue tracker before work can commence.