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👋 Hello there!

My name is Giuseppe and I am a Software Engineer with a decade of industry experience 🤓

I love JavaScript and Open Source ❤

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I have worked in the Bay Area for Yelp Inc. and other smaller companies based off Europe. Nowadays I live in the beautiful Vienna, Austria. I am diligent, reliable, thoughtful, kind, always on time and hard worker!

How can I help

I am core maintainer of SUIT CSS, co-author and main maintainer of ZEIT's styled-jsx library, the StyleSheet library and many other smaller projects.

My areas of expertise are:

  • 🏗 JavaScript infrastructure, tools and workflows
  • 🧩 Babel plugins development and AST transformations
  • 👩‍🎨 Scaling Design Systems
  • 💅 CSS and CSS-in-JS
  • 👨‍🏫 Mentoring and teaching

If you need support with any of the technologies mentioned above please contact me or consider donating right away!

Check out my site.

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$1 a month


😇 Moral Supporter Tier

You feel like supporting me and my free work in Open Source.

Your contribution is worth as much as the $1000 tier to me and I will thank you for it publicly ❤

$3 a month


☕️ Cappuccino Tier

As a thank you for supporting me I will tweet a picture of my cappuccino foam mustaches with a personalized thank you and ad!

$10 a month


🍕 Pizza Tier

You buy me pizza and I will fix one or two issues in your repo a year.

I will also donate $2 to other Open Source projects.

$150 a month


📞 Library Support Tier

I will provide support with styled-jsx or any of my other projects, helping you solve any issue you might have.

Depending on the situation this can include working on a bug fix or have a call to discuss about your use case.

I will also donate $10 to other Open Source projects.

$1000 a month


🤝 Serious Business Tier

In addition to Library Support Tier, I will do consulting work, audit your codebase and help you make architectural decisions that last.

During my career I have shipped code to millions of users and at scale, developed libraries that are used by large companies like Hulu, Nike, Yelp, Tencent News and more.

Please contact me on Twitter before donating so that we can work out the details and set clear expectations.

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